Invited Speakers

Gregory B. Pasternack

Gregory B. Pasternack

UC Davis, USA

Greg Pasternack is a professor at University of California-Davis with two decades of interdisciplinary scientific and engineering training and experience, yielding expertise in ecogeomorphology, ecohydraulics, sediment processes, and watershed hydrology. He leads collaborative efforts that help society manage and restore hydrogeomorphic processes in support of enhanced ecosystem functioning at local to watershed scales. This requires a combination of basic physical and ecological science to understand how the naturally complex landscape works and then technology transfer to enable practitioners, regulators, and stakeholders to solve problems. In 2011 he published a textbook on ecohydraulics, including a free, online lecture series available at In addition to writing over 100 scholarly works and serving on the editorial team of several academic journals, he has led stream restoration projects and helped manage several complex river systems. Dr. Pasternack is the recipient of awards from the State of Maryland and from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for bridging scientific research and community service.

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