Invited Speakers

Katsumi Tsukamoto

Katsumi Tsukamoto

Nihon University,Japan

Dr. Katsumi Tsukamoto, a professor emeritus of The University of Tokyo, is currently a professor at Department of Marine Science and Resources, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University. He has contributed to establishing the field of fish migration studies by being engaged in research on diadromous fishes (ayu, salmon, eels) migrating between sea and freshwater for 40 years. Among his achievements, the discovery of the spawning area of the Japanese eel in the western Pacific and the elucidation of its migratory ecology deserve special mention, as well as recently heading the first research team in the world to collect freshwater eel eggs in the ocean, which was highly publicized in Japan. His interest in recent years is eel conservation by improving river environment and increasing the number of adult eels that migrate back to their spawning area.

His research and reviews have been published in about 600 original papers or book chapters including three papers in the journal Nature that were highly regarded internationally. In addition, he published many educational and general public books, and especially his essay entitled “Pursuing the mystery of the eel”, which is included in the Japanese language textbook for the 4th grade of elementary schools, is making a deep impression on children. Based on these achievements, Dr. Tsukamoto was awarded the Japan Prize of Agricultural Science in 2008, the Hatai Medal of the Pacific Science Association in 2011 and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award of The Japan Academy in 2012.

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