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Matthew O'hare

Matthew O'hare

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology(CEH),UK

Dr Mattie O’Hare is a senior freshwater scientist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in the UK. His current research focuses on applying plant ecology to the management of rivers which are subject to multiple stresses and the restoration of those systems. While engineering alterations to rivers have brought many benefits for mankind they are also acknowledged as having a negative impact, of comparable magnitude to pollutants. In an effort to help mitigate these impacts Dr O’Hare collaborates, extensively, with hydraulic engineers and fluvial geomorphologists to improve our understanding of how plants contribute to both flooding and system resilience to drought and fluvial geomorphological processes. He is a strong advocate of a mixed investigative approach to this research field, marrying the most appropriate techniques from different disciplines, including laboratory flume studies, modelling and empirical field data collection. Dr O’Hare holds an undergraduate degree in science from University College Dublin, Ireland and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. He has worked for government agencies in Australia and the UK and has acted in a variety of advisory roles for the European Union, most prominently regarding the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. A significant portion of his work involves ‘real world’ river engineering and restoration projects.

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